Shopping Guide

Step 1:

All of our products come with free shipping, and each lighting fixture includes a complimentary light bulb. The listed price for website products includes shipping and all applicable taxes, so customers don't need to pay any additional fees.

Step 2:

Before placing an order, customers can refer to the website specifications. If any changes are needed in terms of color, material, wire length, lighting fixture type, or light bulb color temperature, please contact our customer service team. We offer free customization services; for more details, please visit the customization page.

Step 3:

Upon receiving an order, we will send an order confirmation email. Customers have a 48-hour window to cancel their order.

Step 4:

All lighting fixtures undergo a thorough inspection and are photographed prior to shipment. Products in stock will be shipped within two days, while other fixtures may take approximately 3-7 days to be crafted before shipment.

Step 5:

We will arrange the transportation method based on the size of the lighting fixture. Air transportation takes 5 to 7 days, while sea transportation takes 25 days. If necessary, we can provide actual photos of the lighting fixtures and packaging.

Step 6:

Upon receiving your order, please promptly inspect the lighting fixtures. If any damage is observed, take photos or videos and contact our customer service team immediately. We will assist you with free returns or exchanges.

Step 7:

Within two years of installation, we offer complimentary replacement light bulbs for the lighting fixtures. If any small components are damaged, we also provide free replacement parts, such as crystal connectors, etc.