Shipping policy

How long will it take for me to receive my package?

Orders must be processed before they can be shipped. The amount of time you have to wait before receiving your package consists of processing time and shipping time.

A "processing" order status means that your order has been verified and is in processing. Processing time is required because we need to confirm your contact information and shipping address, sort the items, perform a rigorous quality check and pack the items. Once your order is properly packed, it will be handed over to the shipping company.

A "shipping " order status means that your item has been shipped and you will be able to track your order once the courier updates the tracking number. Since the entire shipping process involves international transportation, the package may be in transit or cleared through customs. During this time, the tracking number will not be updated until the item is picked up by the courier. You may have to wait up to 10 days for the tracking number to be updated if it is expedited, or up to 20 days if it is shipped by sea. Please feel free to contact us if you need help regarding the shipping status of your order.


Processing time: 1-3 business days


Please note.
A. Processing time starts from the time your payment is made and your order is verified (a verification email will be sent after payment is made).
B. After placing an order you may change your mind, including but not limited to: changing to another color, size, style or different product, changing your address. If this happens, the processing time will be calculated from the final confirmation of the order details. A confirmation email will be sent with an updated estimated delivery time.
C. During holidays, processing times may be longer than usual. We will notify you in advance.

Delivery time

We offer a variety of shipping methods depending on your needs.

We offer a range of shipping methods based on product category and country/region. Your shipping time will be affected by the shipping method you specify. Please see the table below for more specific shipping times.


Shipping Method

Countries/ Region

Time (Days)

Expedited Express


United States, United Kingdom,

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark,

Spain, France,

Republic of Ireland, Italy,

Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden,

Syria, Estonia, Finland, Greece,

Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway,

Poland, Romania, Switzerland

Czech Republic, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand


Please note

Countries that impose customs duties. Different countries have different customs policies. Once the package arrives in the destination country, any customs or import duties shall be paid by the recipient.
B. Within 1-2 business days of successful shipment of your order, we will provide you with a tracking number for your order by sending an email to your registered email address.
C. We are sorry that PO Boxes and military addresses (APO, FPO) are not available for delivery. For U.S. locations, please leave a description when placing your order. For example, if your address is located in Guam, Puerto Rico, you may indicate Guam, Puerto Rico in the country section.


What is the shipping cost?
We offer free shipping on all orders.

How do I estimate the delivery time?
Estimated delivery time = processing time + shipping time (depending on your location).

Estimated delivery date is the estimated time it will take us to complete your order based on your country and the shipping method you specify. Processing time is taken into account along with shipping time.

Estimated delivery dates may be affected by our inventory availability, processing capacity, and unforeseen factors such as strikes or natural disasters. We will notify you in advance if there are factors that may cause a delay in the delivery of your order.


Please note: We are not responsible for delays due to the following reasons

Change/correction of contact information or shipping address after the order has been placed.
Re-specification of products in your order after the order has been placed, such as changing to a different color, different size, etc.
The first delivery attempt is within the estimated delivery date. If the courier makes the first delivery attempt within the Estimated Delivery Date and you miss/arrange a pickup/invalid address, we are not responsible for the actual time you receive your package.
Your delivery address is in a remote area.

Shipping information may be updated from time to time and the final interpretation is the property of alimialighting. You can contact us for more shipping details.


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